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chr8   140300616   T   G
NM_000552.4(VWF):c.3797C>A (p.Pro1266Gln)

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What's New

To post issues or feature requests related to this web interface, please use SpliceAI-lookup/issues. For questions about SpliceAI itself or the SpliceAI pre-computed scores, see SpliceAI/issues.

Feb 5, 2023
- show Pangolin scores in addition to SpliceAI scores.
- update to Gencode v42 (was previously on v38)

June 2, 2021
- show RefSeq ids for the subset of Ensembl ENST ids (~30%) that have one or more matching RefSeq NM ids according to Ensembl. See issue #8 for details.
- update to Gencode v38 (was previously on v37)

April 11, 2021
- show gray background for non-coding transcripts
- switch to showing all non-coding transcripts. (Previously, transcripts with Gencode biotypes like lncRNA, processed_pseudogene, processed_transcript, retained_intron, and nonsense_mediated_decay were filtered out if they overlapped protein_coding transcripts). See issue #6 for details.
- update to Gencode v37 (was previously on v36)

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